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Bee & Bird Craig Frazier

Bee & Bird

Craig Frazier

Published May 10th 2011
ISBN : 9781596436602
40 pages
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 About the Book 

Bee and bird is a wordless picture book that tell about the adventure of a bee and a bird. It starts off with the bird and then the bee being on the birds head in a tree. The tree happens to be in a truck. The bird and the bee then fall out of the tree, but their journey continues. You dont know exactly where they are going but you can tell that that are going somewhere together. They then end up in someones bicycle basket towards the end of the book until they reach their final destination. This is when they reach a honeycomb and you find out that they were on a mission to return the bee home.This wordless picture book is great because the pictures give the reader a lot of information. The part appealed to me the most was the birds body language and gestures. When they fell of the truck and moved towards the cow then had to leave the cow, the bird would gesture at which way they would be going next to inform the bee. A great example of this is when they are in the basket of the bicycle and the bird is leaning and pointing forward as if he is captain and the bee is part of his crew, as well as the happy boy riding his bike. At times it was hard to see the bee because the sizes of the animals were made to be realistic and in this story the bee was getting a ride from the bird by sitting on his head.My favorite part of the book was all the colors and how the illustrations were very playful but truly created a story. This book did a great job at creating a smooth and easy to follow flow. It did this by constantly relating one page after another to the page before it. My favorite part was when the bird and bee fell off the truck and the page had cow print on it but not a cow until the next part where it can be seen that bee and bird landed on a cows back. Overall I think that this picture book is great and allows the reader to truly understand what the author was trying to get across without any text.