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ركوب التّيار Agatha Christie

ركوب التّيار

Agatha Christie

Published 1999
331 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Choose Your Own Adventure!Your name is Lynn Marchmont, and you have come home from the war. Home to your predictable village of Warmsley Vale, your predictable fiancé David, your predictable little life all laid out in front of you. Once upon a time, you loved it all.You secretly long for the war: the excitement, the medical emergencies, the thrills and the danger. Instead you must contend with your tiresome upper crust family, their sudden loss of fortune, the scheming, that strange feeling of ill-will floating around you. But do not fear, young miss! You shall see your share of excitement again - danger and passion, a thrilling life of adventure on the horizon. And a man with his head savagely pulped is surely its own sort of medical emergency.But are such things really what you crave? Do people ever truly change? Which path shall you take?If your way leads homeward, then choose this path to a long and quiet life, well-lived... a life full of quiet, easy murder!If your way leads to places unknown, then choose this path to mystery and menace - enough to unhinge your mind!(view spoiler)[I had to add this one to my all fucked up shelf because man, the happy ending... jaw-droppingly fucked up. all it takes is a man to literally try to choke you out - as long as he genuinely loves you - to realize that you actually do love that man. and apparently if someone is accidentally killed, it doesnt really matter if the accidental murderer then berserkly mashes the dead mans head into pulp to cover up his crime... as far as Poirot is concerned, it all still started out as an accident, so no big deal and certainly not reason enough to stand in the way of true love. gosh!still, this is a particularly clever Christie. it is full of unpredictable and often strange twists & turns and has a few exceedingly well-rendered characters. but I had to knock off a star because of that demented ending. (hide spoiler)]