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Memory Maker Lara Schecter

Memory Maker

Lara Schecter

Published December 1st 2003
ISBN : 9780968626405
46 pages
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 About the Book 

The Memory Maker is a childrens scapbook which begins where most baby books stop. It is divided into 8 sections for kindergarten to grade 7. Each section has the same format but with different designs and colours. The topics covered include- a picture of my family, vital stats, my favourite things, the kids in my class, after school activities, a pocket for report cards and momentos, a photo page, great places I visited, achievements and milestones, special gifts I received, whos in the news and whats in the news.About the Authors:Lara Shecter and Nardia Strydom are both moms who saw a need for a book like this. The Memory Maker is not only conceived and designed by them, it is also self published. Laras day job is as a Graphic Designer and Nardias is as a Family Physician.